My Personal Ride – Honda Civic

One of the reasons for me to work for Honda two years ago was my faith in the quality of the products from this auto-company. Before I was an employee, I was also a proud owner of a 2005 Honda Civic Si, which I am still driving it today, and I enjoy every moment behind the wheel. What is so special about this Civic of Honda? We are about to find out.

2012 Honda Civic LX model

Under the Hood.

For the 2012 Honda Civic DX, LX, and EX models, they are all equipped with a 1.8 Liter I4 16 valves engine that generate 140 horsepower at 6500 rpm, which tops some of the major competitors such as the Toyota Corolla and the Chevrolet CRUZE. As for fuel economy, the 2012 Civic DX, LX, and EX models have the fuel efficiency of 28 mpg in city and 36 mpg in highway, which combined average is about 31 mpg. With the fuel capacity of 13.2 gallons, the Civic may run up to 475.2 miles with each full tank.

Under the hood

If the 140 horsepower or the average 31 mpg fuel efficiency is not good enough for you, I have an option to satisfy every single needs.

Five Star Safety.

Each Honda vehicle is built with the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure. The purpose of this build is to absorb most of the force at the point of impact in case of a collision. In this case, there may be damage to the body of the car but the impact and damage is not easily transfer to passengers. Along with the ACE body structure, safety features such as frontal and side airbags, brake assist, and electronic brake distribution are all standard for each Civic as well as all other Honda vehicles; therefore, NHTSA tested the Civic and awarded it with the frontal crash safety rating, the side barrier crash rating, and the overall rating of Five Stars – a true champion of compact sedan.   

There is Always one Civic to Matches Your Needs.

It may seems confusing at first sight due to there are many trim levels available for the 2012 Civic. Here is a list of all trim levels with the basic MSRP and a brief description.

DX Sedan ($16,755): The basic model of the Civic. Most of the dealerships do not carry too many of the DX model because customers usually don’t pay attention due to missing features. The DX doesn’t have powered entry, powered window, and cruise control.

LX Sedan ($18,805): The LX model has everything that the DX doesn’t have. Most of the customers see this one as the basic model for the Civic product line.

EX Sedan ($20,655): This is the top trim levels of the Civic, which adds moon-roof, USB connection, and upgraded alloy rims. The EX model is also classified as the EX-L model, which adds genuine leather seats, and the EX w/Navi that has the genuine navigation system. There is also a EX-L w/Navi model, which is a fully loaded Civic with everything for the MSRP of $23,605.

Hybrid ($24,200): If the average 31 mpg fuel efficiency is not good enough, Honda has the Civic Hybrid model to offer an outstanding 44 mpg on both city and highway. The Hybrid model carry over the technology from the Insight and CR-Z. Even though the horsepower drops from 140 to 110, Civic Hybrid owner can enjoy the extra miles each gallon of gasoline can handle and the idle-stop feature that doesn’t burn excessive gas to keep the car turned on.

Si ($22,555): The Honda Civic Si model offers a treat to customers who are performance orientated. It offer a bigger 2.4 Liter i-VTEC(R) I4, DOHC engine that generates up 201 horsepower at 7000 rpm. This model also offers the 6-speed manual transmission for a smooth and responsive gear shifting.

Honda Civic SiR interior

Natural Gas Vehicle(NGV) ($26,305): The NGV model is an impressive innovations that Honda offer exclusively for a Civic model and it was introduced to the market just a little bit later than the Hybrid model. The NGV model, by definition, uses natural gas that connected to your home instead of gasoline from gas stations.

More on NGV: The NGV model is mainly used for business purposes because gas stations that offer natural gas are not common in our neighborhood. Even though we can install the natural gas refilling device at our home, we might have trouble for long distance trip because of the trouble finding a natural gas station. However, NGV is highly welcome for business entities such as government units and local transportation due to government subsidies for NGV purchases, lower gas price, and the ownership of refilling devices.

Thinking About Selling Your Civic?

If you are planning to sell your used Civic for whatever reasons, there is another good news for you if you have been keeping your Civic in a good condition. According to the Honda official comparison website, the Honda Civic has the highest residual value percentage among competitor such as Corolla, Chevy CRUZE and Ford Focus. The Civic has an ALG residual value of 53% after 36 months and 40% after 60 months, which means a well maintained Civic keeps its value really well and we can expect to sell the car for higher price.

No Doubt about the Civic.

When I was working at Honda as a Sales/lease Consultant, the Honda Civic is our best seller and the dealership always keeping a large pool of Civic inventory. Since I am an owner of a Civic myself, I can always present this vehicle with confident on its impressive quality and versatility. If you are currently looking for a new compact sedan, make sure you put the Honda Civic on your research list and definitely test drive one before making final decision.


By Shi Z Yu

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